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Why Farm Goat.

 How Farm Goat was born...

Farm Goat products are made with the same passion, balance and craftsmanship that drove my 20+ years as a chef. Working alongside some of the industry greats taught me to strive for excellence. Chef life is consuming, a demanding balance of flavour profiles, techniques and determination, it demands nothing less than every last piece of your energy, creativity and devotion and I did love it. 
Being a chef allowed me to create beautiful dishes and meet amazing humans. l was always on a quest for inspiration and innovation, of which there was no greater source than growing up in the country. As a child, my brother Brendan brought home a KID (Gertie) for my brother James. Gertie was a little younger than myself and we played with her nearly everyday. She would take us for rides around the paddock allowing us to hold on to her huge horns so we didn’t fall off. It was a lot of fun as a “KID”, she was dearly loved by the whole family and my love for all things goat was born. 
My country upbringing in beautiful northern Victoria heavily influenced me as a chef to build relationships with and support local farmers in order to showcase the incredible produce they provide. As my career developed the demands of the cheffing lifestyle began to take their toll. I decided to step away from the industry that I lived and breathed and took off the apron. 
There is still a burning desire to continue to call upon my country roots, culinary skills and creative mind. 
This is where Farm Goat was born. In a weird way I see my 20 year career as a chef as training to bring Farm Goat to life and sourcing our Goats Milk from The Pampered Goat (tpg dairies) from my hometown region brings our quality products to life for you to enjoy and continue to satisfy my relentless desire to share my passion for flavour, aroma and farm life.
Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that every Farm Goat product is crafted with love and care, just as my brother and our family loved and cared for our Farm Goat. 


Pictured: Greg with his Grandfathers original milk can from their farm in Marong, Vic. 

 Ethics & Sustainability...

We use 100% biodegradable Sendle satchels when ever possible.

Source printing from Sustainable Printing. 

No plastic is used in our shipping packing/process.

Made in Australia.

We do not use palm oil in our soap.

We only use sustainable oils. 

Cruelty free.