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Friend and I came across your shop while walking up Fitzroy St, the beautiful aroma enticed us in. We purchased the bottle of hand soap & you were kind enough to give me a few samples of gift soap. As a soap lover I like to purchase handmade soap when given the chance. I have never come across soap like yours, beautiful, fantastic etc., does not cover it. Your soap is amassing it leaves the skin feeling so soft, I love it.

You have done a wonderful job & I hope it all works out for you, you sure deserve it as you have put so much into this.

Regards Lynn




I am delighted with my first order of Farm Goat products. I ordered a six-pack and love the two I have used to date. The soaps are a good size to hold and they lather well and feels great on the skin. The scents are beautiful under warm water . . . unique and discernible, but not overpowering. And I love the ones that are gently exfoliating. I couldn't be happier with the product.

I am also delighted with the service. Free shipping on my order in a timely manner with shipping number provided. And the personalized after-sales follow-up I received was much appreciated.

I can see myself being a very happy and frequent return customer.

David Terelinck




"I love my Farm Goat soap. From luxurious liquid hand soap to moisturising soap bars and lip balm, Farm Goat has a wonderful locally made selection of products to make your skin sing"





I have a good friend who suffers from skin allergies and she struggles to find products that won’t harm her skin.  Whenever I see a product that I think may help her I’ll buy it for her to try.  When scrolling through Facebook one day I saw an ad for Farm Goat and thought I would get some for her – also for me.  I don’t have skin allergies but my skin can become dry so I always try and use good natural products.


Although there was a slight delay with my first delivery, Greg more than made it up to me.  Customer service is wonderful.


My friend began using the suds and the results were amazing.  She has been able to stop using the topical steroids which she was having to use almost daily to get relief.  Her skin is clear and she doesn’t suffer the allergy outbreaks like she used to.  I have been using the product also and notice that my skin doesn’t dry out – even during the winter months.  I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone even if you don’t have particular skin issues.  The products are so lovely.  Australian made too!  It is the only soap I now use.  I also love the other products (liquid hand soap and lip balm).  Can’t wait for more products to be made available – I’m a true convert!  Keep up the great work Greg!


Glynis Nankervis